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About us

Pennine Dental Care has a long history. Dental Services have been provided on this site from before the second world war. At the heart of its excellence, is the importance placed upon continuity in care.

about1The previous dentist, Dr Hart provided General Dental Services for around 47 years. He provided this service with the assistance of his wife, Helena Hart.

Ms Aby Jaisun formally acquired the practice on 24 October 2013, and since then has worked with her husband to modernise the practice, but to ensure that continuity in care is maintained. We formally re-opened on 14th November 2013.

Some of the changes include:

  • Dedicated 24 hour reception team, call us when you are free! If we are unable to deal with your query, an appropriate member of the team will call you back, or email us at to book your appointment.
  • Introduction of evening appointments on a Thursday and Saturday appointments in the near future (By appointment only)
  • More hygiene therapy appointments to serve you better
  • Introduction of cosmetic dentistry – specifically teeth whitening. Anti wrinkle treatment is coming soon!!
  • We are now accepting all major bank and credit card to improve flexibility for you!
  • Free parking available for all our patients
  • Reduction in the prices of Dental Examination and Hygiene Session for £65 (usual price is £80 ) – For new patients only!

The future is looking promising. Currently, our vision is focusing on the Dental aspects of the practice and we have evolved to bring in medical services! If you have a particular interest with regards to this, please email or call us !